Content Development

In my various roles as Special Events Producer, Account Executive / Manager, Marketing Director, Project Manager, and Usability Lead, I have been responsible for developing a variety of content for different uses and media. This has required building skills for using language efficiently and effectively, but more importantly, it has required talking to business owners, contract managers, customers, and other stakeholders and translating their words into meaningful messages.

Sample Case Studies and Projects

TreasuryDirect.Gov Glossary

The US Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (formerly Bureau of Public Debt) is responsible for the sales of all Treasury investment products (T Bills, T Notes, Savings Bonds, etc.) and as part of a project to improve the overall user experience of the site, as they transitioned away from paper products to completely electronic products, we conducted a series of usability tests where it was determined that website users didn’t understand many of the terms that were used quite often on the site. I worked with the content owner and with Ginny Redish to rewrite the entire glossary; my direct contribution was in section L-S.

TD Glossary – L-S

TreasuryDirect.Gov FAQ

In addition to the glossary, the Treasury Direct site also contained an FAQ section (Called “How Do I”) that contained mostly arcane, esoteric language, written by finance experts with little experience communicating to laymen. Working with the same team noted above, I rewrote the entire section. However, this effort was twofold – not only did it require rewriting the questions and answers, it also required relabeling many of the other sections of the site to be more clear.

TD How Do I…

National Park Service – Chesapeake Explorer

As the Project Manager on the Chesapeake Explorer app, I was also responsible for corralling content from myriad National Parks in the Chesapeake region to cobble together into a cohesive tourist guide. I undertook the effort of taking copy written for full websites, by many different people, and paring that down to small, digestible, but still meaningful content intended for mobile device delivery.

NPS – Find Your Chesapeake

Additional Copywriting Work

In addition to the work above, I’ve also written a variety of other content – for personal as well as professional use.


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Radio Copy

Short Story

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