Information Architecture

Information architecture is the foundation for all digital properties. Sound information architecture takes into account objectives, content, metrics, and efficiency and wraps them into the page layouts, site maps and responsive actions of a given digital property. Without good information architecture, you are likely to end up with a Gordian Knot for a website, that few can negotiate, and most will abandon. Following are areas where I have substantial experience:

  • RIOT Analysis (this is primarily a content function, but drives the IA. Also the “I” is a new addition and stands for “incorrect”)
  • Wireframing
    • Axure RP
    • Visio
  • Navigation Development
  • Card Sorting / Tree Testing (these are User Research functions that inform the IA)

Sample Case Studies and Projects

Doctors Community Hospital
In 2013, I was tapped as the project manager to lead a lean team to redevelop the Doctors Community Hospital website. In this role, I was responsible for not only the project management, but also UX and Information Architecture. I pulled apart the existing site, conducted stakeholder interviews, usability tests and tree tests, and developed the IA that is represented in the wireframe below. In addition to delivering the project on-time and under budget, the site won several awards for content, and navigation and structure.

Doctors Community Hospital Wireframe

Client Labs Pages
As part of the overall redevelopment of my client’s public website, it was determined that we needed an overhaul of the PI (Principal Investigator) or Labs pages. This was somewhat of a contentious topic because many of the PIs have different needs and different agendas, that don’t necessarily coalesce. I conducted interviews with stakeholders, as well as several PIs, and others with an interest in the topic (Students, PhD. Candidates, Fellows, placement professionals) to attempt to find a middle ground. While it is still a work in progress, we have a page organization that has been settled on and will be implemented and tested in the coming year.

Sample Desktop Wireframe

Sample Mobile Wireframe


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